Online Membership Processing:

Online membership processing is now available for the 2017-2018 season,

which runs from July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018. Online membership is available at the link below:

Current Members - Home Club Permission Form Information:

If you will be testing or competing with another club at any time this season, you will need a Home Club Permission form.  This year, you will be able to print your own permission form when you log in to your EntryEeze member profile.  There is a blue button on the EntryEeze Personal Information tab called "Get a Permission Form."  Click on this and your permission form will appear in a pop-up window.  If your permission form does not pop up, you will need to go into your web browser's preferences setting and unblock pop-up windows (blocking pop-ups is often a default setting on Safari, Internet Explorer and other browsers.)  Once you've unblocked the pop-up windows, click again on the blue button and your form should appear.


Remember to keep the form for the entire season.  If you are having trouble printing your own permission form, click here to submit your request.  Please allow up to a week for us to send you the form once you request it.


Membership Categories:

For 2017-18, we have changed and simplified our membership categories. Many current and potential new members are confused over which type of membership is appropriate for them. Below are descriptions of the major membership categories, and if after reading you are unsure which category is right for you, please contact us for more information .


Home Club Membership Types - Five Options


Individual Home Club Membership: For one person, this membership type allows one individual all full rights and privileges of Home Club membership, including the highest level of priority access to test sessions, club subscription ice, clinics; the right to represent the club in competition; and permission to test at non-Rye FSC test sessions and USFS sanctioned competitions and events (See "Why Join a Club?" section below). It also includes membership in USFS.


Collegiate Membership: This is for full-time college students and is a one-time, four-year regular Rye Home Club and USFS membership, which carries all the rights and privileges as such. This is an ideal "graduation gift" for high school seniors going on to college, who only need to sign up for this membership once to receive a full four years of continued membership in Rye FSC and the USFS at a very attractive cost. This is effectively four years of membership for the price of one, a perfect bargain for the college-bound skater.


Introductory Individual Membership: This carries the same privileges as an Individual or Family Home Club membership, but for those who have never before been a member of the USFS or any other Club. It is a "welcome to USFS!" first year membership available at a reduced cost. This is NOT an initiation fee to be paid on top of fees for other membership categories. Do NOT select this category if you have previously been a member of Rye FSC, USFS, or any other club. If you are unsure if this category is right for you, please email us first and ask!


Coach/Official Membership: For those whose primary occupation is as a full-time skating coach, or whose primary involvement in the sport is as a judge or official.


Additional Home Club Membership(s): If you want to add additional household/family members to any home club membership option - individual, collegiate, introductory or coach/official - use this option.  You may add second, third, fourth or more family members in this way! This membership type allows each additional individual added all full rights and privileges of Individual Home Club membership (see description above).


Associate Membership Types - Two Options


Associate Membership: For a skater whose Home Membership is with another USFS club. This category does NOT include membership in USFS, which must be procured either directly or through another club. Associate membership with Rye FSC allows holders to skate on club subscription ice, and priority access to Rye test sessions and other club events.


Additional Associate Membership(s): If you want to add additional household/family members to an associate membership, use this option. You may add second, third, fourth or more family members in this way! This membership type allows each additional individual the same rights and privileges of Associate membership (see description above).


Why to Join Your Local Club

As stated on the USFS web site: "As the national governing body for the sport of figure skating in the United States, U.S. Figure Skating's mission is to provide programs to encourage participation and achievement in the sport of figure skating and also to provide the best possible experience for all participants.The best way to be a part of U.S. Figure Skating is to be a member of a U.S. Figure Skating-affiliated club." Members of USFS and the Rye FSC enjoy the following benefits.

Right to compete, perform and participate in all sanctioned events,
   including USFS and Rye shows and competitions.

Priority access to frequent Rye FSC-sponsored moves, freestyle and dance USFS test sessions.

Skate on Rye FSC sponsored evening club ice at the historic Rye PlayLand Ice Casino in Rye, NY.

Earn certificates of accomplishment from USFS for passing proficiency tests and performance
   recognition at qualifying competitions.

Celebrate testing achievements and receive USFS testing medals and pins at
   Rye FSC's annual end-of-season awards ceremony.

Community recognition via Rye FSC's testing accomplishment letters, sent to your school.

Membership Card with USFS Membership Number.

Subscription to SKATING Magazine.

Maintain a record of skating activities and accomplishments.

Sponsor promotions and discounts (e.g. Hilton Hotels, United Airlines).

Member of the National Governing Body for the sport of figure skating.

Customer service and support from headquarters staff.




An Ice Show at the Historic Ice Casino at Playland in Rye, NY