2018-19 Club Subscription Ice

 Photography compliments of PlayLand Ice ASEC


June Marie Sobrito Photography

June Marie Sobrito Photography

Rye FSC is proud to offer Subscription Ice sessions on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at Playland Ice Casino in Rye, NY.  Sessions run from 5:20-7:20pm, starting September 2018. Ice time is sold by yearly subscription, with Rye FSC Home Club Members receiving first priority, then Associate Members. The number of skaters allowed on each session is limited and all skaters must have passed their Pre-Preliminary MIF test to apply.


The application for 2018-19 sub ice is now available. Limited spots on Thursdays remain, Tuesdays are sold out. Please read the letter first, then fill out the application.  Letter here.  Application here.


Subscribers are the only skaters guaranteed ice time. Walk-ons may be honored on Thursdays only if space permits and will be charged at $35 per hour for the first hour or $60 for two hours.


Please note, you will only be allowed to
skate on a session if your Home Club or Associate membership is current and all subscription ice installments are paid. There is a 10 day grace period for all payments, after which time skaters will not be allowed on the ice.


An Ice Show at the Historic Ice Casino at Playland in Rye, NY